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Little Einstein May 14th plz i hate this new messaging system! due to this i deactivated my account and made a new id! i hate this System ! plzzzzzz change the System i want the OLD one! :() emorgan May 17th I hate this new messaging system. We had mutual friends so I went to accept her friendship.I was threatened that I may be permantely taken off of friending people. hope u will sort our problem& for this reason i wud appreciate orkut. Eventually, all users will see this. Here is the new Actions buttonin action. The long-time No On 16 supporter is sure the Yes On 16 campaign is behind this. This is what you get when you’re invited to upgrade. We are working to restore service. So guessing email addresses has never been easier. I miss out on stuff because I forget to check it every day!!! sarfaraz December 16th can we join the conversation again if we have once left the conversation Im talking about group messages Sue February 14th Where is this actions to delete conversations??? Cecelia February 20th can they please get rid of message history-i really dont need or want to see messages from two years ago. But over the next few days, users who have yet to download Messenger will see new reminders prompting them to get it. It was written in a professional manner.) it’s deemed as ‚spammy’ or ‚abusive’ by Facebook’s standards. When youre added to a mass message, you might like the information originally sent, but not all of the responses that follow. Jacob April 25th Double post but Im also a little against having the Archive button as an x. please give the option! Katie April 12th So I HATE the new message system on facebook. Apps reviewed, explained & rounded up. Please try again. Witnessing the way Facebook has evolved over the years from being just another social network with a cluttered interface to the social network to reckon with, I do think that Facebook Messages will be a revolutionary, converged way to communicate with people. John E. .. A facebook.com Email Address The most significant feature is the addition of a facebook.com email address. I tried it on another account, and it worked on there, but not my original one. For instance: Im trying to find a conversation I had with Bob, Billy and Brian. February 20th You can archive or delete chats and messages from the Actions button on the top right in Facebook when you open a message. I want my old messages back! It deleted all of my older messages, including ones from friends that have passed away and very important ones to me! I want my old system back. simple as that So for the people like me you need to make it an option to have it. Our private chats do not need to be recorded, we are not kleptomaniacs wishing to keep every scrap of every conversation ever recorded there is enough crap on the internet, why waste more space to house conversations no body wants Bppler Ceh August 24th I hate the new system as well. No problem except the number listed was an old number of mine that I no longer have access to. Have everyone you know who has upgraded to the new messaging system and didnt like it send a complaint to Facebook and also tell all of your friends to tell all of their friends and so forth. A spokeswoman for the Yes On 16 campaign did not want to go on camera, but sent ABC7 text messages, calling the implications ridiculous and categorizing this as a ludicrous attack. Rajat Arora December 3rd soon well probably all stop using arbitrary ten digit numbers and bizarre sequences of characters to contact each other. Question is, where are the images stored after sending the photo/video? tried to check the usual photo/video pages on my personal account but i cant find it. I had no idea what the hell I was being asked to do when I was forced to upgrade. „It says I like tax payers right to vote and there’s my name,” says Michaels. Shared Phones. Jo Baggett November 29th I was placed on a no friending list for 15 days, for trying to friend someone whom I did not know&.Again tonight someone tried to friend me. help please? dusty July 22nd The New Messages is one of if not THE worst thing to ever happen to my FaceBook & no subject line so now I have absolutely no idea who sent me what or when or locating a specific email and those typing monkeys are hard at work figuring out how to screw it up even more & EPIC FAIL!!! vc July 28th i asked for invitation for new message 2weeks ago but im not receiving any invitation yet. Is there any way to start a new message thread without deleting all old messages? I do hate it. Discover Answer 5a02188284

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